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Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, and it is nestled between two giants, China and India. It cautiously guards its ancient culture and traditions as a means of protecting the sovereignty of the nation. With us you will find that our tours showcase the priceless and unique Bhutanese culture and traditions. Our tours also take you to the beauty of virgin forests with lush green valleys which seem to be shrinking day by day with the growth of the modern world.
As you travel across Bhutan, you will discover houses with brightly decorated window frames next to patches of green paddy fields, unique architectural dzongs (fortresses) and goembas (monasteries) with red-robed monks, fluttering prayer flags, white coloured stupas of various styles and sizes, prayer wheels turned by different natural elements, and forests bearing a variety of brightly coloured Rhododendrons. These picturesque landmarks and points of interest you see on our tours will undoubtedly leave the deepest impression in your memory forever.
All tours are guided by well qualified and experienced guides who are trained and certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). Our guides have in-depth knowledge of each and every part of the country and can speak English fluently. We can also arrange guides speaking any other languages as per the convenience of our valued clients. The itineraries for any tour can be customized as per the interest of our guests.

Bhutan Highlights 6 Days
Bhutan Highlights 6 Days
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6 day tour of culture and activity in Bhutan's most breathtaking spots, including the world famous Tiger Nest

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