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Isolated and ostracised by the international community, the country is in the grip of tyrants. Most travellers avoid a visit, backing the boycott, but the long-suffering people are everything the regime is not. Gentle, humorous, engaging, considerate and inquisitive, they want to play a part in the world, and deserve a brighter future. Turn back the clock with a trip to this time-warped country where the adventure travel of old lives on.

Dear clients,
Due to the influx of the tourists and the immediate booming of the tourism industry in Myanmar, the Hotels rates in Myanmar, particularly in Yangon, are now being fluctuated with a wide range depending on the demand. The current situation is that the contracts issued by the hoteliers are no longer respected and rooms can be booked only with the reissued rates-much higher than contracts rates- by the respective hoteliers. As a result of these unfavourable situations, Thailand treks would like to inform you that rates we are offering and have been previously offered are subject to change without prior notice depending on the changes and policies of the hotels concerned at the time of the actual booking. Any surcharge incurred could be borne by clients.
Another unusual demand from hoteliers is to confirm the booking by non-refundable deposit of various different percentages of the total rooms booked. Failure to pay the deposit would result in cancellation of the booking without notice.
We do request for your kind understanding for this current turmoil in Myanmar tourism industry and express our sincere thanks in advance for your kind support and patience.

Myanmar Total 15 Days
Myanmar Total 15 Days
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15 day tour of culture and activity in Myanmar's most breathtaking spots, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bagan ...

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